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.22 calibre or 'Smallbore' Target Rifle Shooting

.22 calibre (.22 of an inch) rifle shooting is by far the most common throughout the world and is generally shot from 25 yards up to 150 yards. Unlike Fullbore shooting, .22 is often shot in 3 positions, standing, kneeling and prone (lying down). Fundamentally, shooting smallbore is very similar to shooting fullbore - particularly as far as Langar RC is concerned. We primarily focus on 1 position - prone.

Our members do however shoot both indoor (25 yards) and outdoor up to 150 yards. We compete at regional and county level and a few members also shoot the open championship at Bisley camp.

.22 calibre bullets

Lord Robert's Centre

A bit of history

The NSRA's head quarters are now based at the Lord Robert's Centre at Bisley Camp. The Lord Robert's Centre was built expressly for the Commonwealth Games in 2002. Now it serves as the major .22 shooting facility in the United Kingdom. It provides all manner of shooting disciplines from air pistol to .22 rifle. On the first floor, there is also a roller rink which is open to the public. This is often utilized by the local Guildford rollerblade hockey team.

Again, the shooting equipment differs very little if anything to fullbore. With the 3 positional shooting, there is however quite a difference. A jacket and attachments to the rifle will need to be differently set up for these disciplines, particularly standing. As far as Langar rifle club shooters go, the equipment is the one and the same equipment they use for fullbore.


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