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Nottingham Road Rifle Range, KwaZulu-Natal Latest news

3 Langar members
to represent Great Britain fullbore teams in back to back years (2011 & 2012)

Teams and Individuals on tour...

We are very fortunate in Langar Rifle Club to have members of various backgrounds, ages and different levels of experience and ability. We have had some members however who have been fortunate enough to explore ranges around the world in the discipline they excel at either as individuals or team members.

Please feel free to read about the experiences of these individuals on their tours by clicking on the links below:

England Rifle teamGreat Britain Rifle Team

Rifle Team
Diaries and Photos

James Bullock

Rick Shouler

GBRT to South Africa 2012

Simon Shouler

GBRT to Canada 2011

Rick Shouler
Mark Shaw (R)

GBRT to South Africa 2008

Day 1 - The Journey out
Day 2 - Arrival
Day 3 - Acclimatisation
Day 4 - First range foray
Day 5 - Protea Warm-up
Day 6 - Exercise at last
Day 7 - so who turns my sights now?
Day 8 - Triple Dewar
Day 9 - Rest & Relaxation
Day 10 - General Mac's Birthday
Day 11 - Fool to the Dave Smith
Day 12 - State Presidents 1st stage and a Big Win
Day 13 - Grand Agg Record
Day 14 - The Protea Match
Day 15 - State Presidents Final

RSA International Match Results
Protea Match Results
Grand Aggregate
Free State Championship

Simon Shouler

NRA Blazer Badge

NRA team to Channel Isles 2007

Day 1 - The journey out
Day 2 - Rest and Relaxation
Day 3 - Fog canceled all shooting
Day 4 - NRA vs Guernsey
Day 5 - Individual events in Jersey
Day 6 - NRA vs Jersey
Day 7 - Post match relaxation and celebration

Guernsey Match Results
Jersey Match Results

Rick Shouler

GBRT to Canada 2007

Rick shooting in the Commonwealth Match

Day 1 - The Journey out
Day 2 - Practice and Ottawa Regiment
Day 3 - Nick gets Nicked
Day 4 - GB Clean Sweep
Day 5 - More wins to the team
Day 6 - Shooters tested in tricky winds
Day 7 - Jane Messer wins the presidents
Day 8 - GB win the Outlander match
Day 9 - GB win Commonwealth, DL Wins Grand
Day 10 - GB win Canada match, DC wins Gov Gen
Day 11 - GB wins America match

America Match Results
Canada Match Results
Commonwealth Match Results
Outlander Match Results

Rick Shouler


GBRT to South Africa 2006

Female and young Rhino seen just before leaving Hluhluwe National Park

Day 1 - The Journey Out
Day 2 - The Journey Continues...
Day 3 - Shooting at Nottingham Road
Day 4 - Team Match
Day 5 - Travel to Bushlands
Day 6 - Hluhluwe Game Reserve
Day 7 - Bushlands Game Park and Golf
Day 8 - Rourke's Drift
Day 9 - Isandlwana
Day 10 - Little Switzerland
Day 11 - Arrive at Bloemfontein
Day 12 - Freestate Matches
Day 13 - Scottish Sword and Dewar
Day 14 - Hamilton & Rhodes team matches
Day 15 - First International Match
Day 16 - Dalrymple, Municipal & Dave Smith
Day 17 - State Pres, Kings Norton & Col Bodley
Day 18 - A Day of rest
Day 19 - Mitchley & President, Grand conclusion
Day 20 - State Presidents 2nd Stage and Protea
Day 21 - State Presidents Final

Simon Shouler

GB Under 25 Rifle Team to Australia 2005


NRA Journal write up 1
NRA Journal write up 2
NRA Journal write up 3
NRA Journal write up photos

Mark Shaw

NRA team to Channel Isles 2005

NRA Blazer badge

NRA Journal write up 1
NRA Journal write up 2
NRA Journal write up photos

The 5 target range at Forte le Marcant

Rick Shouler

NRA Team to Channel Isles 2002

NRA blazer badge

No records

Jersey Badge

Rick and Simon Shouler

GBU25 Canada 2002

GB Under 25 Rifle Team to Canada 2002


GBU25 Tour Diary

Canadian Medals

Rick Shouler

GB Under 25 Goodwill team to Channel Isles 2001

Tour Diary

GBU25 team

Rick and Simon

NRA Team to Channel Isles 2000

NRA blazer badge

Channel Islands range

Forte le marchant range, Guernsey

James Bullock

GBRT to Canada 2000


Great Britain Tour report by Nick Tremlett

James and team with their wins


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