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Scatt training System - Scatt USB

The Scatt training system is the state of the art computer simulation for the target rifle shooter. This system can effectively break down your shooting style into many key areas to aid technique by visually highlighting errors in position, routine and aiming.

It can be used to train at 4 meters up to 12 meters, and simulates shooting in prone, kneeling and standing at distances of 10 meters to 1000 yards and using different calibres (effects ballistic info).

Some of the areas it can help with are:

1) Position
2) Breathing
3) Pulse
4) Aiming
5) Trigger release
6) Follow through of sight picture
7) Movements
8) Slackness in the Sling
9) Muscles tensing/twitching/flinching
10) Speed of shoot

The kit on the right (all but a computer) is what is needed to train. For a more detailed explanation of what the Scatt trainer does, please go to

Scatt USB Trainer
For the latest Scatt software downloads, please click here


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